Android Certification for Engineers

Skill check mini test

【ACE】 practice questions

■ For questions 1-10, read the question, select the answer, and when you are finished click the "Evaluate" button.

Android Framework<1> - System Architecture - API level
Q1. Pick the correct answer about the relationship between Android version and API Level.
Android Framework<1> - User Interface - TableLayout
Q2. Pick the correct view that is displayed when the below layout file is used.

01: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf‐8"?>
02: <TableLayout xmlns:android=""
03:     android:layout_width="fill_parent"
04:     android:layout_height="fill_parent"
05:     android:stretchColumns="0,1,2">
06:     <TableRow>
07:         <Button android:text="1" />
08:         <Button android:text="2" />
09:         <Button android:text="3" />
10:     </TableRow>
11:     <TableRow>
12:         <Button android:text="4" />
13:         <Button android:text="5" />
14:         <Button android:text="6" />
15:     </TableRow>
16:     <TableRow>
17:         <Button android:text="7" />
18:         <Button android:text="8" />
19:         <Button android:text="9" />
20:     </TableRow>
21:     <TableRow>
22:         <Button android:text="0"
23:                 android:layout_span="3" />
24:     </TableRow>
25: </TableLayout>

Android Framework<1> - Application Components - Activating an Activity through Intent
Q3. Pick the correct answer about starting an Activity using Intents.
Android Framework <1> - Communication - Wi-Fi
Q4. Which of the following methods found in the WifiInfo class is used to get the MAC Address of a network access point?
Android Framework <2> - External Devices and Sensors - Aquiring location information by GPS
Q5. Which of the following methods is used to get new location information when a position has changed?
Android Framework <2> - Multimedia - Audio Playback
Q6. Which of the following is the correct code used to play an audio file saved as an application resource? Assume that "file" represents the location of the file.
  1. 01: MediaPlayer mp = MediaPlayer.create(context, file);
    02: mp.start();

  2. 01: MediaPlayer mp = MediaPlayer.create(context, file);
    02: mp.prepare();
    03: mp.start();

  3. 01: MediaPlayer mp = new MediaPlayer();
    02: mp.setDataSource(file);
    03: mp.start();

  4. 01: MediaPlayer mp = new MediaPlayer();
    02: mp.setDataSource(file);
    03: mp.prepare();
    04: mp.start();

Application Publishing - Application Management - Publishing applications to the Android Market
Q7. Which of the following is the correct condition for publishing to the Android Market?
Application Publishing - Application Distribution - Signing an application
Q8. Pick the correct answer regarding signing an application.
Supporting Functions - Development Functions - The sqlite3 command
Q9. Pick the correct statement about the sqlite3 command included in the Android SDK.
Supporting Functions - Debugging Functions - The emulator
Q10. Which of the following is not supported by the Android emulator?